Picture windows are an elegant showpiece for any room of your home, but are usually located in great rooms, living rooms, and even kitchens. They are made of a single piece of glass, and allow lots of light in the home while providing an expansive view of the outdoors. They are sometimes framed by double … Continue reading “Picture”

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Garden windows are a system of windows with glass on three sides that extend from the home. They are often installed above the kitchen sink to provide space and light for items like flowers and herbs.

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Bay and Bow

Bow windows have an elegant design that allow abundant sunshine into the home. They are designed as a series of 3, 4, 5, or 6 windows that are placed together to form a semi-circle that extends from the house. Each window can be opened, providing as much ventilation as is needed.

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Awning windows are hinged at the top or bottom of a window frame, and open outward for ventilation. They are easy to operate from inside your home and allow for more natural light. If you have a space that would be complemented by a longer, horizontal design, awning windows are a great choice.

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Casement windows are tall windows that fill vertical spaces, are hinged on one side, and open outward using a crank handle. They offer excellent ventilation, and when they are closed, they are sealed tight, providing superior energy efficiency.

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Sliders are a modern, clean choice used in many homes. They feature either a two-or three-section design that allows for plenty of light to enter your home, as well as an open view of the outdoors. They simply slide open, so these windows are a good choice to install in places in your home that … Continue reading “Slider”

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Double Hung

Double hung windows are the most popular window choice for modern homes. They are classic, attractive, provide several points of ventilation and both sashes can be tilted in vertically for easy cleaning. Their versatility means that they are a favorite of many homeowners and their construction ensures a smooth operation with easy-to-open hardware options.

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Vinyl replacement windows are popular among homeowners for their versatility, superior insulation, ease of care, durability and thermal protection. Since vinyl does not warp, swell, crack or split, these windows can last a lifetime with very little maintenance.

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The beauty and warmth of wood creates a singular look using pine, cherry, oak or mahogany. These windows can be custom designed to enhance your interior and exterior with stained or painted options.

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Aluminum windows are diverse and provide many options for single or multi-story commercial buildings and projects. These windows are used for commercial purposes in offices, retail stores, schools, medical centers and modern apartment buildings.

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